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Outreach Ministries 


           ~ Worship

John and Jim

Outreach in song and worship


            ~ Prayer and Music

Sally, Grey, Johnny

Every Wednesday morning 10:00 am

All About Seniors

            ~ Prayer and Music Ministry

Sally and Grey

Every other Wednesday afternoon 1:00 pm

Brookdale Memory Care

            ~ Church Service

Chuck and Sally

Every Sunday morning 8:30 am

Brookdale Assisted Living

                ~ Church Services

Chuck, Sally, Johnny, Grey

Every Sunday morning 10:00 am.

Red Bluff Health Care

            ~ Church services

Chuck, Sally, Johnny

Every Sunday morning 11:30 am

Red Bluff Health Care

            ~ Church services

Chuck, Sally, Johnny

Every Sunday morning 11:30 am

St. E's Visitation Ministry

            ~ Visitation and Prayer


Every Monday

Connection Hisway Church Viewpoint on Outreach Ministries

The light of the Lord for the Church (All Churches of Faith) is,

to become the  reflection of He who suffered, died and paid the ultimate price for our redemption. Salvation is the forefront of that very reason Jesus came, and died. We recognize our falling short of this, due to our lack of guidance, and teachings of the True Word of God. We should not  conform to the world's standards and man's traditions.  

It is our strength in Christ, that will reveals light to a darkened world. Our outlook, must be our guide to outreach, bring validation, that through Christ Jesus, we can overcome all obstacles the world delivers. We give all glory to God through outreach ministry. At our learning center, we strive to fill everyone, who desires God in their lives, the learning and application of the Word of God in Truth, not convenience. Through the direction and teaching of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to make disciples, as was commanded us by Jesus Christ our Lord

All are welcome here, come as you are,

through Jesus you will thirst no more.

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